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Studio 29 Hot Off The Press

Studio 29 Hot Off The Press

Top Picks!!

Extra, extra, learn all about it! Imagine finally getting all your beauty tips, tricks and questions answered, about the hottest top beauty products on the market from red carpet must haves, to celebrity favs. Hand chosen from Studio 29 and celebrity master hair stylist and makeup artist Emily McKim, and here is the kicker they actually work!!

Here at Studio 29 we are all about trust, truth and full transparency. The Clients I  have had the privilege to have been able to work with over the past 10 + years know  and can attest,  that I  NEVER share products or even just talk about a product if I  do not think they work!! And I  firmly with pride stand by that, whole heartedly.

Dont believe me? Thats ok! Im not even mad about it! because the products  reccomended if used as directed,  will speak for itself! Until we have the privilege of getting to know one another we are going to play what I  like to call a little game of trust! :)

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